Plymouth has many different churches in and around the city centre. It is so important to get involved in a church, not only for the teaching but to find a home in which you have people who can build you up and support you. We encourage you to find the right church for you, wherever you feel you will grow in your relationship with the God during your time at university.

During freshers and the first few weeks of the year we run a ‘Church Surf’, where a group from CU goes together on Sunday and visits a few churches around Plymouth. It is a great opportunity to explore and find the right church for you, whilst also meeting people from within CU and the local churches.

If you are starting university or already a student and are looking for churches near you, check out the Student Linkup App – a great resource for connecting students to local churches and churches to students.

Student Linkup facilitates communication with churches before you’ve even left for university! You can shortlist specific churches that you’d like to visit, ask questions and receive replies from church leaders and student workers who are ready to welcome and introduce you to their church.

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