Weekly Events

We have meetings throughout the week where whether you would consider yourself a Christian or not we’d love for you to come along. Our main meeting is on a Tuesday, CU Central where we hear a short talk, get to know each other, sing and pray as we get to know Jesus more and make him known on campus.

CU: Central

Every Tuesday 7:30pm, Portland Square
Our mission is “To know Jesus and make Jesus known.” One of the ways we do this is our weekly CU: Central meetings. These meetings are open for everyone, whether you’re a Christian or just curious to know more about Christianity. This is a time where we come together for fellowship, to encourage one another in prayer, worship and hear about Jesus and His word. It is also a place where we can build good friendships and get to know each other as we head over to a café for some social time together after the meeting.

Small Groups

Small groups are a great way of getting to know each other, exploring the Bible together and discovering more about our God. They run alongside our Tuesday meetings topics but give us more time to discuss the topics/scriptures and dig deeper into our relationship with God. Not only are you getting to know more of God, you also develop great friendships with other students. It’s a fun, chilled atmosphere and all are welcome. Our Small Groups are:
Monday 8:00pm – Becky Chaplin & Samuel Oliver
Monday 7:00pm – Emily Manning & Sam Colverson
Thursday 7:30pm – Matt Hogan & Becky Hill
Thursday 8:00pm – Abby Brown & Calum Edward

If you would like to join a small group, please get in touch via our social media or contact us page.

Christians in Art and Design

Every Monday 5pm at Plymouth College of Art Student Union 
We are designers, painters, film makers, photographers,  sculptures, creatives, illustrators and more. We meet weekly to equip art students in their University experience and help with the uniques challenges the art world presents. We  encourage exploring the claims of Christianity and what that means in the world of Art and Design. We also are the Christian Union’s publicity team, its a great way to serve and use our talents for  the CU.  This group is open to University and College students.


Every Wednesday morning at 8:00am in the Chaplaincy
Prayer is us communicating with our loving God and is essential to everything we do. We meet each Wednesday morning to gather together and pray – breakfast is provided. We believe it is important to meet together as a Christian body and pray – for our university, our city, our nation, the CU, for each other, for our friends and families, for world issues, for ourselves, for our relationship with Christ and thanking God for all he’s done for us.

Tea and Toast

Every Friday Evening 11pm, main hall in the Davy Building
Tea and Toast is a great chance to be the hands of Jesus on campus and serve our fellow students. We meet to hand out tea and toast and chat to the party goers outside the SU, until early hours of the morning. This is a great time to bless our campus and to chat and pray with lots of students.

Girls Breakfast

Every Friday morning 8-9am, in the Chaplaincy
Girls Breakfast is a great time for the girls in the CU to come together for fellowship, to pray with one another and in the meantime enjoy a good breakfast! Each week we take it in turns to bring some breakfast and share testimonies or a bible verse and pray together before heading to our lectures.

Men AM

Every Friday morning 8-9am, at Jethro’s House
Men AM is a time for the guys in the CU to meet together for some breakfast, fellowship, friendship and prayer – a great way to start your Friday.

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