Small groups

CU Small Groups are small, weekly bible studies which aim to encourage a fundamental network of family and community within CU.

  • They encourage and equip Christian students to align their hearts and minds with that of Christ Jesus – to see all people as God sees them, as people who are all worthy of hearing the Gospel, worthy of our love and service and in real need of salvation.
  • They welcome all students on campus, from any or no church background, to make the most of the opportunity to flourish in grasping the Bible, spiritual maturity and develop supportive and prayerful friendships with their fellow students, who are at a similar stage in life and career.
  • They provide the opportunity for study and fellowship between Christian students on campus in an environment more intimate than CU:Central.
  • They aim to regularly put on outreach events (known as “Go Weeks”) that will see the community of CU small groups flow into and flourish around the mission of reaching out to students living near by who don’t know Jesus.

If you would like to join a small group, please get in touch via our social media or contact us page.

8pm Thursday

Calum Edward & Abby Brown   •   13 Clifton Street, PL4 8JA

7.30pm Thursday

Matt Hogan & Becky Hill   •   33 Prince Maurice Road, PL4 7LJ

8pm Monday

Samuel Oliver & Becky Chaplin   •   34b Prospect Street, PL4 8NY

7pm Monday

Emily Manning & Sam Colverson   •   36 Bayswater Road, PL4 5BX

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